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Teskilat Season 3 Episode 56 With Best English Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 56 With Best English Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 56 With Best English Urdu Subtitles I can no longer be İbrahim Faki. I built that trust very hard. Just to destroy Osman. Tell me what will I do? First you will tell me about the tribe. Who what happened? Empowered! Iron from Nikola’s mine where does it go? I’ve been wondering this for years. But I couldn’t find it. Barkin! Did the light dazzle you? He blinded you. Remember, those in the dark always see! What will our move be? Our move!.. to solve this problem radically. Osman Becek will also be killed at the wedding.

Teskilat Season 3 Bolum 56 With Best English Urdu Subtitles

If Osman is going to be killed, what would you do with the mines? Barkin for you! For you. for the state. What will I do? Osman will die. Their children will die. Kosses will die. You will take Söğüt and you will be the sole ruler of the Turks. The wedding was set up for us. What do you say, sir? Is it a trap or not? They’ll try to kill us at the wedding but to lure us in they’ll slaughter the Holofira. Wow! After all these years they decided to attack now, sir? What kind of father is he to use his son as a tool for such a dirty game? Of course, they couldn’t afford it openly they’ve been docked all these years. Just to get behind us, Osman Bey.Teskilat Season 3 Episode 56 With Best English Urdu Subtitles Trailer

At the first opportunity, we will organize an expedition to Becek. No! Now we will give Holofira to her father. He’s going to the wedding. We will drink the sherbet of martyrdom instead of the poisoned sherbet. And we’ll be giving away wedding presents. We’ll both take the castle. And we’ll come back with Holofira. I have heard that war is at hand, Selvi. Osman is very stuck. His too!.. the end is near for those who are united with him. What is on your mind? What should I do, Barkin? We consider ourselves. We will protect your ancestor’s legacy. Our heads on the path of Osman Bey will always remain high. We will not fight for Osman we will fight for ourselves. If necessary We will stand in front of Osman. What do you say,

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Barkin? We have seen Osman Bey’s kindness so far. If we live here in peace all this time Osman Bey has a big share in this. My Selvi Osman’s only wish was to make us grateful. We got what we deserve. He thinks I’m gracious. I want to live in peace now, Barkın. I don’t want separation between us. Oh my beautiful girl. Osman never saw us from himself he rose by stepping on us. Totally enough. Now it’s our turn to ascend. Let’s talk about this later there’s a wedding so let’s not be late. Come on. No, Selvi. I won’t let you come to the wedding. Now I’m going out. You should think about what we talked about.

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Otherwise, we have no business, Konur. If we know the trap then they will be the ones who fall for it. Of course! We will enter with the Alps we will crush the castle and the bastard who set the trap. No! If we enter with the Alps then they’ll know we know the trap. You will enter. We will conquer the castle with Kayı’s chicks. And Becek Castle will be ours. And with the preparation we have made so far we will march on İnegöl. Sisters have been waiting for this day for a long time. He drills and waits for gas. Thank goodness the time has come. No move No wall No trap can’t stand before us. It’s time for gas. It’s time it’s time for conquest.

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Lord, protect me.I thought we were friends, Osman Bey! What makes you think otherwise, Basileus? Just say it. What you did yesterday. You detained my daughter. You were supposed to send it to me with your commander. Basil! If I had handed over your daughter to anyone other than you then it would have damaged our friendship. Then I hope you will honor our friendship. I’ll take Holofira and go.Of course. Of course, I will give it to you.Boran. Sir. Bring Holofira. The order is yours, sir. Episode 55

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