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Teskilat Season 3 Episode 57 With Best English Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 57 With Best English Urdu Subtitles

the largest will be here I’ve got this door for oof and his men too i will clean it’s not enough to clear the troops, darling For that reason I’ll sneak my men into the city all day long they will be there to clean the door But the real attack I will do it from the east I will crush everyone You will crush Love I’m all over the city to his infiltrating men I’ll distribute it instead birth when the carnage began in the city the door will open completely to you I still know friends So the most I have an important task.

Teskilat Season 3 Bolum 57 With Best English Urdu Subtitles

I will enter a masked mansion While they’re taking care of me you will have entered the city Osman’s family started the massacre. I’ll be there when you find out before the war began I will say Then I’ll slit their throats the hearts of the women of the mansion i will insert those delicate hands who cook beautifully i will cut This topic is beautiful, it is heavy on our rights. But to make that Mansion vulnerable before I need to lure Malhun into my trap I’ll take care of it outside tomorrow before sundown the new city is ours it will be just my new city No Turks cardinal

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That’s why the Vatican gave me a giant army will give first the Emperor’s golden throne then I will take our lands from the Turks The army will be yours Olaf That’s why I am her To all the Turks, to the ravens of that religion i will feed new city where i will bring death to them all will be ours we will take the marmara we will be swift and ruthless There won’t be a single mistake we will come and we will take informal This place is a property for us is more Durahan is a prisoner there too. We will save safely one with the estates hopefully Request Because of what Shamil reported just below the hall of the citadel As we mow down the soldiers,

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Aleyküküm, you have a wife here. half of my veteran grandfather accidentally there is an attack we will die from us Goodbye to those who come or go but it won’t take days to get the Citadel with no Alpha harmed we’ll rip out their nests they are in our absence new things will want to infiltrate they will leak first Then they will attack but they don’t even think that we will get a Marmaray won’t be eaten the enemy is on the alert no sleep tonight guys Did you hold the streets of Subaşı? Sub-measure to Yenişehir Street I placed it. It’s not enough. How many people will come?

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no we will not trust I’m taking you to karacahisar my bottoms in the morning will be here they can attack at any time also 3 horses archers in safe households and shops I placed our bottoms One of the numbers in the field on the streets his superiority will not remain, if necessary It will take until the mansion congrats Dervishes gift to the lower ones The rich will not be insistent if necessary They will be asked to withdraw to the mansion.

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I transferred the names from İnegöl to the new city But I didn’t know if our strength would be enough Mr. Osman we will take our strength from the tribe We’ll attack with the horses on the bench I Will there be a siege or not? outsiders They ask for provisions from Bayındır Bey. I got my license from malhun chick We will accompany those 3 cars they will be waiting for the supplies at the door when they open they will see us in front of them malhun Hatun provides it all they took Dervishes preaching clothes of the city they are around But prevent them from infiltrating Episode 56

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