Tozkopran Episode 23 with Urdu Subtitles

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Tozkopran Episode 23 with Urdu Subtitles

Tozkopran Episode 23 with Urdu Subtitles I’m AlmightyBut he recovered.If he doesn’t knowit happened and he chases after them,get out of the Castle. The outside on the rightwill fall on your head, look,  likea bird that bites into pain.that means if she has another child andthis son sells or not,there is another candidate,berkyaruk, and pick up the left side.After all, they are the ones we know.When this time comes,we know what to do to get rid of the sultanate.

But a Mary kadayif that suddenly appears,

this spoils everything.Does he have a child or not?it begins, we can find it by searching. We have to find out whether hedied or not, whether he gave birth to a childor not,these Seljuk lands tax books will be ofuse to uswithout him.Music]subscribe? Yes topoo the holy relics They obviouslydied while tossing them tired Wego towards the card direction towards Constantinople Balabansend this Turgut military newssubscribe Do  signs double Sword Swordto the city They established a new order.There is a like, so let’s take the holy relics,

wecan convince that order,these magic horses

have beautiful fabrics from Konya, if you want to take a look- Don’t play with me, Petrus! I know who you are. Erim, where is my Bey Were you followed while you were coming, Hazal lady? No. I said what’s up! Dundar Bey took refuge in Nikola.Osman where did he learn it? We just learned, Hazal Hatun. Osman is looking for Dundar Bey everywhere. He obviously doesn’t doubt you. At least for now. You didn’t like this fabric either. Did he just leave me and run away? Dundar Bey had taken precautions for such a situation.

we will fight shoulder to shoulder against those who

betrayed the Seljuks from now on.SubscribeThis is an ant’s hyena.Even if the Bread Crumb is takenfrom him unjustly, the plague is beautiful.This thesis has complained of the people about theselifetimes. Yes, send andinform. You are welcome to order. Sultana And the gold for sesame seeds iswaiting to be accepted into our presence, my Sultan, as I promised you,the traitor in us emerges I’m out, you’re sweet, there’s someone holding it,Tozkopran Episode 23 with Urdu Subtitles  of course,But he’s telling us, I’m surehe will tell you,on whose behalf did you commit this betrayal, in whose hand is yourtasman anyone,

My Sultan, I followed the devil, I made amistake,

this traitor shaking like a plant in front of me.forgive me, my Sultan, talk to me, who is behind you? Yes, now, how can Kasım dothis betrayal to us? Melik gathers Elçin under me, Andreas also arranged my job together,they were full at the meeting,they will attack you, you came,he betrayed us, it wasn’t enough.Revenge is bad, son, Tozkopran Episode 23 with Urdu SubtitlesI’llannounceit.say it will pass şti Come on dear,there is an inn up the road, they’ll probablystop by responded with confidence, I owe you gratitude for that,I would like to present this Zikr to you again as a guarantee of my words ErsinAltunwill be our guest from our Dynasty dinner tonight.Tozkopran Episode 22 with Urdu Subtitles

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