Tozkopran Episode 25 with Urdu Subtitles

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Tozkopran Episode 25 with Urdu Subtitles

Tozkopran Episode 25 with Urdu Subtitles God bless you, Your Excellency Angel, you saw your heart a little bored, I couldn’t go after the holy relics,I was bored with him Race,this Sencer was the age of the relics, theBlack Sea came out, when did the news come?I don’t know how Hasan Sabah broughtto our sultan subscribe.What news has come, it’s been a long time,  brother died, heopened his office and took it directly tooursultan, and we will see where he got the message and this audacity.

I’m angry at the window but that’s

Thanksgiving four ofhis soldiers around the water showed me that there is a moral issue that he can’t cope with. Thenames of those dead soldiers are buried in this ground, they don’t deserve it,subscribe,around this castle, what do you think?Anyway, Tozkopran Episode 25 with Urdu Subtitles  at leastthey can’t find the relics inside the Castle. That’s not the case. Well, thefact is, you are both tired of the West and you areafter him, how will he get rid of them,

Saltuk don’t hesitate and say brother lot of work for me.

He trusted me and made me his right arm. But he has long since stopped behaving like a Kayı Bey. Let’s say Saltuk brother, come on. What did Dundar Bey do? He asked me to distribute gold to the gentlemen. They will choose Toyda Dündar Bey. All the gentlemen were bought except the blacksmith. Look at Dundar Bey. Look at Dundar Bey. Cheers bro. You go now. Don’t say anything to anyone. We will tell Osman Bey what is necessary.

he will have to get rid of them.Those relics will

not go to the emperor in good health. It will it will explode on us too.But let him come backsafely, God,you caught the ambush thrown into this trap, and you shriveled shoulder toshoulder.[Music]didn’t pave the waythis time, where isto, I haven’t seen it since I came home, it doesn’t havemeaningful words, so it’s not much of adead end, measurements from his room Hesays it will cause him to rest a bit.and returning to non-Anatolia and This Anatolia is going through tough days,

andsuddenly Byzantium is on one side,

it’s a constantturmoil, my thought is thatthe person who will dominate Anatolia must be theone who can overcome all this.It causes him to attack Anatolia,because of this, it is a longing for Anatolia to pass someone who will end this chat with two days,what do I lookfor, the person who will lead Anatolia withour edict, subscribe, this will be ebulgazi Hasan Bey,we have Tozkopran Episode 25 with Urdu Subtitles for your decision, ebulgazi Hasan Bey. Sadık Mert isone but whydon’t you give an edict to his blessed sons,

as I said, theduality still persists between

wastage.won’t turn you gold He willbe embarrassed. This is the milk of my head and eyes,this Saffron juice.! Alps everything ready? Have you done the assignments? We’ve done it, sir, we’ve done it. But there is new information. Mr. Dundar bought three gentlemen who will vote at the toy. Bought it with gold, sir. He wanted them to support him. Emmi. So the prosecutor deceived my brother too. Where did you learn from?

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