Tozkopran Episode 26 with Urdu Subtitles

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Tozkopran Episode 26 with Urdu Subtitles

Tozkopran Episode 26 with Urdu Subtitles Just like people. Especially Venus It is vast It is the most glorious star of the sky. We will be just like Venus. In the darkness we have fallen into, when all the stars are fading We will shine like Venus with the light we receive from the sun. Tozkopran Episode 26 with Urdu Subtitles Princess Sophia Master Yannis has sent word. Alişar Bey will be here at night. It’s like you said, princess. He sent the sunlight back to Venus. Master Yannis has done a great job. So Let the preparations begin. I don’t want anything missing.

It’s time to show Alişar Bey the glory of Venus.

You’re welcome, princess. Brother, I have to go. Osman Brother Now this wound won’t lift me up While I’m like this If something happens to him Let me know that I’m going to suffer. You relax bro. Don’t worry. My Osman Even the gentlemen have become enemies to you, everyone You should not worry, Bamsı Bey. It’s time to get on top of the enemy. Cenk is the polish of the valiant. Or we pass. Come on then to the horses. Welcome, Welcome , It is in the mind.

Thank you, Sheikh. There are some circumstances

You can’t get out of it with your biceps. There are some opponents who cannot be defeated by the Pusat. Alisar is one of them. Against him We will persevere with the idea We will fight with the mind. He wished to have tiles built for his mansion. Even your mind Set off.Tozkopran Episode 26 with Urdu Subtitles  Let’s see your trick. Gather intelligence, Akçam. Let’s see In one body Alişar Bey, who carries two faces What games does he make. We are satisfied with the morsel of kefir In the Muslim homeland We will not give an opportunity to those who are chasing judgment Akçam.

With blood on the land We will be the mind that

cannot be surrendered to this homeland, which is entangled with trouble. I was relieved. Bon appetit, Selcan Hatun. Whether healing. Drink it Bala Hatun. No, didn’t you like it? It’s very nice. Aygül Hatun, whose hand tastes like sherbet. Other than that, medicine, ointment Let me know if necessary. We find it with dervishes and send it. My mother makes every medicine. If he does something to keep the ticks away We’ll be comfortable too. Aygul! Isn’t it true, aunt?

Did the tick disease take hold What is it

possible to get rid of? Your words are meaningful Aygül Hatun. We understood that we will understand. We inconvenienced. Estafurullah, my daughter. Who are you to disturb us? Aygul! You know very well who we are. As you know, you can make water trap for our sherbet and serve it like that. Let us. If there is a need, we are always ready to help. Thanks girl. Rude! Shame on yourself. Take care of your daughter, Zöhre. Otherwise, a time will come when it will be in my hands.

Smelled the smell of war Can’t you ever get it?

Tozkopran Episode 26 with Urdu Subtitles The old is expensive, after all. Samsa Sergeant Are the measures okay? All right, Osman Bey. Then.. It is Allah’s. Siddiq. The most important task in this war is yours. But if you don’t want to come Just so you know, I can’t pick you up. Every sword I slash one after another It is atonement for my past sins. Don’t deprive me of this, Osman Bey. Thanks. In your veins Orhun In the enthusiastic waters of the Caspian My brave comrades.

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