Tozkopran Season 1 & Season 2 With Urdu Subtitles

Tozkopran Season 1 & Season 2 With Urdu Subtitles

Tozkopran Season 1 & Season 2 With Urdu SubtitlesTozkopran Season 1 & Season 2 With Urdu Subtitles Give me the law. Keep your word unleash my alps. Get your soldiers out of my oba. Kudret With me If you don’t stand by your oath Geyhatu learns that you have Genghis Khan’s laws. An alpine is waiting for Geyhatu to learn the truth. Do you know why I offered you the Starboard Principality? Once upon a time, Genghis Khan’s greatest enemies His His best friends He became his best friends and commanders. In one of the battles He shot a valiant arrow at Genghis Khan And managed to injure him.

When the war was over His chief commander,

Tayhatlu He came to the captives He asked who shot the arrow A soldier He came forward with courage and said I shot the arrow Genghis Khan, impressed by the courage of the soldier. Not only did he make him a commander of his army, but also By naming him Cebe,Tozkopran Season 1 & Season 2 With Urdu Subtitles  which means arrow He honored him Together with Cebe Subutay He became one of the greatest commanders of the Mongolian army. I am first a servant of Allah Then I am the son of Ertuğrul Gazi. Our obedience is to Allah first Then to tradition. Now leave the camp with your soldiers. Come. My Bey Osman Bey has arrived.

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It means it’s time. This Balgay dog cannot be trusted.

You heard the order of the lions The moment they don’t keep their word We’ll smash the camp together. Is the car ready? Everything is ready, sir. You raised us for these days, evelallah. Mashallah my brave. Mongolian apocalypse What was it like to invade the Muslim homeland He will see with his own eyes. Your eyes are a gazelle and your heart is a wolf. Mashallah my beautiful son. Osman brought the laws of Genghis Khan. No one can stand in front of Balgay now. Samsa Bey

Where did Osman find this? I don’t know where he found it,

Tozkopran Season 1 & Season 2 With Urdu Subtitles but Because Osman Bey will save us He will bring all the Mongols together. Of course, my Samsa Bey, Osman Bey, knows something. There is. It is clear that there is much that he knows but that we do not. Spirits give you hope It gave me strength. Free the captives. Let them know Balgay spared their lives. Mr. Dundar Let Tez inform the oba gentlemen in the vicinity Let him say Come to Balgay’s presence. Balgay, if anyone is thirsty He wants to see.

If anyone is full of life He wants to be fed. Deleting

his lineage If anyone wants to He wants to delete it. Let them say for obedience Let them come to fall at my feet. Genghis Khan’s laws What are you doing? Why am I not aware of these, Osman? Emmi I saved the braves from death I saved the camp from destruction. Now you’re going to think about In this case, how will you carry my father’s trust? I don’t want a riot. Tread lightly. My Batur He would die because of you. The poison you injected into your Alps You injected my son as well. Emmi is the poison of freedom. Once it enters the blood of the man It won’t come out again. Because of your stubbornness They will burn down the camp You still talk. It is enough. Enough.

Ha oba was destroyed For peace You put Balgay’s

collar around your neck. Get up from that blessed post Let the one who deserves sit down. When I get up from that post Who will sit there? Who! I! Osman, son of Ertuğrul Gazi! There is a wedding in the evening You will come to give an account, Osman. Account. They cannot be trusted. Keep both the Kayı group and Samsa’s group under surveillance. At your command, Balgay. Osman found a way to save his obsession. How did he solve this?

Where did he get it? Sir, it may be the work of Edebalı

and the ahis. Damn Edebalı or the ahis He’s not moral Even he can’t afford that. There is something else, but what? Salvador Didn’t Osman say anything about it? No, sir. Whatever this secret is Osman hides it to death. Then He wo n’t be able to hide it for long. As soon as Balgay leaves his side I will hunt Osman. We have a hound showing the way. He knows our prey well enough to smell it from afar. Besides Everything he’s said so far has been true.Tozkopran Season 1 & Season 2 With Urdu Subtitles

I told you, Master Yannis, that I will not die before I forgive myself. I know where he hid Edebalı. We’ll get them all at once. Liberation is near, Bala Hatun. We’ll send the Mongolian back to where it came from. How did you achieve this,