Kurulus Osman With Urdu Subtitle Episode 10

Kurulus Osman With Urdu Subtitles episode 10

in Episode 10 Alişar Bey, who went to the Kayı oba, challenged Dündar Bey and demanded the return of the gold stolen from him. Sensing the Mongolian danger and seeing the future of the Kayı in danger, Dündar Bey wants the oban to be on the alert. So, we will see more fight in the new episode of kurulus osman urdu subtitles.
Gündüz, who was ambushed by Alişar’s men, Gundoz is seriously wounded. While Osman takes action to catch those who attack his brother, Sheikh Edebali refuses Alisar, who wants Bala Hatun hand for marriage .Dündar and Osman are facing each other

Yannis take alisar under its effect.

Yannis, who took Alişar Bey under his influence in the form of Müneccim Abdül, provoked Alişar Bey with Sofia against Osman and Şeyh Edebalı.

Mongol Entry

Sensing the Mongolian danger and seeing the future of the Kayı in danger, Dündar Bey wants the oban to be on the alert. While Osman has a different plan.What will Osman do when he finds out that the Mongols have come to Söğüt? Can he survive in the daytime?According to Rumors The Mongolian commander Balgay is the grandson of Cengiz Kaan, the brother of Kulagu Han. There is not much information about Balgay other than this information.Kurulus osman With urdu subtiles episode 10.

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Who is yurdaer okru Aka Balgay?

Yurdaer Okur Born on 29 October 1974 in Rize. After graduating from Bafra Super High School, he entered the “Tourism Management” department of Akdeniz University. After studying at this school for three years, he realized that the business was not for him, and in 1994 he won the theater department of Hacettepe University State Conservatory. Later, he completed his master’s degree at the M.S.Ü State Conservatory.

Okur, who met Genco Erkal in 1999, joined the Dostlar Theater and played in the play Barefoot Socrates. Then, in 2000, he started to take part in the Istanbul State Theater as a casual actress. Later, in 2002, he was appointed as a permanent staff to the Diyarbakır State Theater.

Starting from 2000, he took part in and directed many plays within the General Directorate of State Theaters. He gave Drama Lessons to the Young People of Diyarbakır. Apart from acting in theater, he also works in cinema and television.

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