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Kurulus Osman Season 5

Salahuddin Eyyubi

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I mean. What will we do? My family wants to thank you. They invite you to eat. Really? When? Whenever you want. I’m at a training abroad. When it’s over, I’ll call you, okay? Okay. Sirin. Yes? We said it wouldn’t work. Will it work? Why not, Ibrahim? Just don’t leave me. Come on Don’t say that, I’ll die. I need you safe and sound, finish your work and then let me know. Then come and visit us. Okay, even the whole world attacks me, I’ll come. See you. See you. What does he want?

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Watch Complete Season 5 Of Kurulus Osman On Mubitv I don’t know, we’ll see. I hear you, Mr. Cetin. Hello Omer, we need to talk. About what? About you and Neslihan. Is there a problem I don’t know? No, Omer. We have lots of diplomatic crisis. And we have terrorists. Amongst all, we are trapped between personal things. Yes, there is tension between us. I can’t deny that. This tension benefits the enemy. Since you have a relationship with my daughter. Let’s talk about it and plan the future. Okay.

I’ll send you a location tomorrow. We’ll talk there. See you soon. He thinks he is exposed. Are you sure? He wants to meet me, to break the ices. We told him we are lovers, he acts like a dad. I don’t know where it came from You must be careful, Omer. I’ll come there. No, this isn’t a good idea Neslihan. Even though he works for them, he won’t hurt me. I won’t let him hurt you.If I come, he can’t hurt you. Are you sure that Cetin won’t hurt you, Neslihan? You are right. Who betrayed his country and his flag might betray everything. In order to level up in the Company, He must refuse all connections and swore allegiance to them.

So, you say he’ll hurt me if necessary. Unfortunately. So be it, I’ll come with you anyway. Neslihan, this is the field. Let me decide. Yes, this may be a field operation. But the enemy we are targeting is my father. Let’s go. [NORTHERN IRAQ] You’re ready. No. I fought at tables for years. But I don’t remember being this nervous. This time I’m with you. Thank you. I couldn’t have done this if it weren’t for you. We are here. It all seems fine yet. Open your eyes well. Clear. Operator. Operator is listening. I want a list of all the places abandoned in northern Iraq. These are all possible places for Hunchback. Clear, we’ll start working. We don’t need you at the field.