Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 10 in Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 10 in Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 10 in Urdu Subtitles I just got around. I have some work. If you allow me, I will pass, Osman Bey. Late bro. LAT. Oh Osman! Lets! You’re welcome, stop now, Nikola. I’ve run out of patience, Koses. I see it, Nikola. But don’t worry, the queen will keep her word. He will bring Mari to us. I bring the greetings of Vizier Alem Shah. His majesty said he would give Mari to you. Beautiful. Convey our gratitude to the Vizier Shah. Finally! Mari is coming! My friend? When are we having that wedding? Right now, Koses! I will not make you regret it. I will take very good care of my dear Mari. While I am in this world, I will give him Paradise.

Koses is worse than a rabid dog.

He even reached out to Sheikh Edebalı. While everything is coming together like this , I cannot convince Osman. I do not want to protect the people from the cruelty of Koses , but we have no choice but to give Mari to the vizier, Ayşe. Daytime, okay? Have you ever been given shelter? Is there no other way to this peace? I looked for a thousand remedies, Ayşe. A thousand! No. The emperor builds an army. The Tekfurs are angry, the Seljuks are above us. My brother…

My brother is chasing heroism!

We will handle this without anyone knowing, Ayşe. For the good of the people. If I hadn’t known it was, I would have handed you over myself. Sir. I know your intention. But what if Osman Bey hears? What do we say? How do we explain this? We’ll handle it without hearing. We’ll do it before anyone hears, Ayşe. Is this for Mari? When you drink this, you will pass out, find a way to drink, Ayşe. I will get you out of the camp quietly. Ayşe is for our tribe, for its people. Or would I do something like this ? Would I do such a thing? For our office. How was your day in Söğüt? It was beautiful. Good.

Are we getting married now tomorrow?

You marry this man you call a barbarian, beautiful byzantine. -Is there a destur, girl? -Here you go. Turgut. What are you doing here son? I came to talk. To see if he needs anything. What would you talk about? You said you would, you convinced the girl to marry. What else will you say, son? Come on, no getting into this tent until tomorrow. -Come on. -Your command, mother. Come on son. Look, it’s still there! I went mom. Girl, you hurt her heart so bad, huh. Mother. -You can come. -Mari. Just sit down.

oh my god.

What we have bought, the stone is not finished. Well, these women have a hard job. It’s close, Aygul. We heard that we are going to arrange a dowry for you too. My daughter, each one of them will suit you very well. Thank you. Ayşe Hatun, you should come too. Come on, let’s open it. Look at the beauty of these. Very pretty girl, very. It will suit you very well. All very well, my daughter. Look at that color. Do you like it Mari? They are beautiful. Osman Bey’s mouse.

What would you like to see so you can come after us? It is put. Its bones itch. Beat until you run out of strength. Do not worry, tomorrow everything will be complete. I hope Osman Bey, I hope so. I know what you did for me. You are not paid. be there. Brother. It is unclear what will happen to this shroud .

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