Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 106 In Urdu Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 106 In Urdu SubtitlesKurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 106 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 106 In Urdu Subtitles I am amazed that you speak so frankly. We knew you as someone who doesn’t show many feelings. I speak frankly. Lord Conrad. Because when you go to London your reputation will be destroyed. Pasha. We fulfilled all your terms. The signatures of the English and the Dutch ambassadors are there. Exit. Your Majesty. You did not ask about Mahmut Pasha. We are not going to ask an in fidel about an Ottoman pasha.

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Exit. Did Osman Pasha go to arrest Mahmut Pasha? He did, Sultan. Divine. Seniha. Don’t ever ask. This treacherous infidel English footman caught me he made me kneel down. He pointed a gun to my head. He said “You are our captive.” “But if you are against Abdulhamid if you move to our front perhaps we’ll let you live. ” What did you say? No need to answer. I spat at their faces. Drop these games, Mahmut. Stay away from these antigovernment infidels. Don’t you understand?

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 106 In Urdu

These have no religion, no faith, no conscience, no honour. What are you doing with them? Seniha. What would I do with them? What would I do with them? Look at me, Mahmut. Those with them resemble them. Do not forget this. Seniha. I’m your brother’s brotherinlaw. However, I do not have as much value as market beans in the eyes of your brother. What should I do? To prove myself to him I go through every hole. Well, I became something like mouse, mole, snake. Who keeps knocking like a creditor? Father, the soldiers have arrived. What? What? They came to arrest you, Father.


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What? I think my brother knows everything. We are in trouble. We are endeavouring in vain. How is that related, dear? What will happen? What I have done so far has been for my family. Thank God. My wife is fine. My son is in good health. Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 107 In English If I have made some little mistakes I will accept the punishment. However, the Sultan has built gallows. What? He decreed that whoever is behind this will be executed. Seniha, what is he saying? Here you go. Seniha. Let’s not be executed for no reason.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 106

I am his brotherinlaw. Wait here. Even if I’m going to be handcuffed I never want this to happen in front of my wife. Please wait. Sebahattin, my son don’t come, wait. Wait. Welcome. Conqueror of Pleven Gazi Osman Pasha. What is it? Unfortunately, we came to arrest you, Pasha. Our Sultan’s commandment. You’re under arrest. Is that so? Well, let’s drink coffee. Let’s chat a little and then go.

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I am fasting, Pasha. Besides, we did not come to chat. We will take you in handcuffs. Attention, Pasha! Attention! Soldiers. Arrest him. Do not tighten it. All right. Thank you. The Ottoman sultan took you from me. I will also take the Ottoman State and its people from him.

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Your blood won’t stay on the ground, Sara. Your blood will circulate in my veins. You will be vengeance revenge fire and wind in my veins. You wanted the world so much. I will take this world for you, Sara. People like Parvus used you. I will make them all slaves.

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I thought Zaharoff works with the English and the Americans. The weapons trader has no religion, nation or state, Pasha. The new world is shaped by the trade of the weapon trader. It works like this. The strong state attacks the weak state. The weak state buys weapons to protect itself. Thus, the weapon trader, who earns huge amounts of money supports new battles. People who need bread buy weapons. The reason for hunger, thirst, misery is the money they give to the weapon.

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If only such an order were not present. They attack us because we are against this order, Son. Sultan, let’s catch this Zaharoff. Let’s take him and get whatever we want. Omer Effendi. It’s not that easy. If you take Zaharoff without any evidence you can’t find a place to buy weapons again. But you will get that document. I’ll get it, Sultan. How do I get it? Zaharoff started trading when he was a member of the fire brigade. He causes a fire then put it out and takes money on it.

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He would sell antiques to the houses. This is where Zaharoff started to commit fraud. There is an old bathhouse here. This bathhouse has a safe inside. It is hidden. You will find it. Son. Take them. Drill these safes. Zaharoff, who brought the weapons of the Germans keeps that document in his safe. You will take it and bring it to us. Sultan Abdulhamid accepted the agreement.

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I already knew. Sultan Abdulhamid loves me very much. He would sacrifice the Ottoman army but would not sacrifice me. I swear, Father. He didn’t even care about you. He said “let them give Mahmut Pasha or take him to England.” “Or throw him in the sea.” O, cruel ruler. Red Sultan. I do not forgive him. What does he want from us then? Here is the list he wants.

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“If they do these, I will give them the documents they want.” He said. Come. You are crass. How do you disrespect me in front of the infidels that took me hostage. Abdulhamid did not take my capture into consideration. Why are you revealing this here? Father, would the Sultan tolerate that an Ottoman Pasha gets killed by infidels? He won’t.

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