Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Episode 17 With Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Episode 17 With Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Episode 17 With Urdu Subtitles I’m not done with it yet I wonder what useless plan you have this month I wonder what technology this month Yes sir the flag has landed instead of the Seljuk flag that God bless but Amen our sentence this did not come with Akcay Just worry about it getting bad on the road. If it’s as I feared, you must have bought it on YouTube somewhere knows, , let’s catch up without a bad omen, girls, come on come on this is the middle sanbey emirali rule Opera breaks, thank God, we made up for it all .

Do you think if I do it this month I was there be

Do you have en are you okay girl don’t worry I’m fine dad while I’m waiting for you to wake up to ask if you will join my heart with my life thankfully I woke up ] you will wake up , you will pay for the gd things until this wound Do whatever it takes and get up to your reign so quickly, how is this jackal next to you? Sir, where are you from? We will send you less leave. You are in command. Governor, Hadrat-i Abi He is still useless What are you doing here? With what capacity does he take soil? But you don’t wait for the land I bought, nephew.

I am your small cannon, they didn’t need mekki in the images,

this headquarters is my right to the sword, my dear , it will stay like this when you’re alive Yours is the sword is ours t It’s not okay, it’s just to settle down. Family like us is the capital of the Seljuk. It is the capital of the Seljuk if you ‘re going to hit my purple neck, I say I’m going to say I’m the son of my Father this is Tezyel son karbim London to you sometimes with these these doubts Mediterranean You Tekfur Alparslan never left the dynasty he is still a Seljuk was the clear prf of this, he waited for us to accept all the conditions to transfer this headquarters to the Seljuks, but at any cost,

I will be the headquarters of Alpaslan dangir and the result of your end plan,

darlings , what would I have done? If you let my uncle die, the life we will receive is no more valuable than all our dead soldiers alone nor will offer Göktuğ against the last Tekfu decision oil Even if Alparslan does not want to give the liver of the headquarters, he will sit a the table for Göktuğ, no si ter, when you sit a the last table You almost say I Remind No I called this Healing again Let Aki Hatun get her eyes off her, but no wounds. Alparslan Bey is wrong, you will keep the BMW names informed of what’s going on. I have let you know about what is going on, Mr. Çağrı, I have released the news. By the grace of God , we will get rid of the signs in the test time.

this I couldn’t hit your disbelief,

Ha Kılıç Hakkı Deyu is collapsing on the land that Alparslan has conquered with an effort, and this is to be clear, but when we couldn’t get the donuts to our right, we learned that call and , this is the line of Yunal Bey,It is the instruction of our Bey Alparslan and Batur is a thousand times better. If you let me, I will be in a difficult situation. I am not in the md to raise the flag yet,Yes, I’m not my baby. Mother I’m not the same and Batur Bey said something, but actually let me ask you, Alparslan said, “Don’t let the chick go anywhere, because she’s not alive tomorrow.”

Or is there another situation He saw me mother

Alparslan is not there, I fled, I was kidnapped. Sultan Alparslan doesn’t give his life to infidels so easily, he lked for him everywhere. Inshallah, your cake, etc. also No, what should I do if the Sultan would come to see if he heard the shroud’s raid , all the masters in the headquarters ignored the life of the house Alparslan tk the headquarters But he did not think about the rest, this was negligence Yes now my Sultan, is it my fault Elif is to think the sword of the shroud on the ground Apparently Kefere waited for Alparslan to leave the Castle and then attacked What is Alparslan’s Ikhwan tsarism here, isn’t it Sugar that Big Brother is a game ,

I will take the injured girl to her horse, Alparslan’

He is impudent enough to say that karma can hold lei, it is to say water from here, Çağrı Bey , just like yesterday’s child, I did not throw Nazlı, it is not clear, now every breath will have to answer for this. Music] ya sultanul Muazzam Emir is your country’s thing Shah Sultan Tugrul Bey His Holiness bazaar We are visiting If everyone was persecuted, if their right was taken away from them, if they were usurped, we faced bullying, write it on a piece of paper and put it in a menstrual box e Our state sun,

Sultan Tuğrul Bey, has long come to take the right of the short straw .

You will not give consent to the oppressor, let him reach the owner of the trouble directly in this ceremony you hold every week. Thanks to the Sultan, the fear of the oppressor and the hope of the oppressed are these papers. Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Episode 17 With Urdu Subtitles  Yes, then, our duty is to find the most cruelty at the same time. then give us the notebk give it give it 1 Our Lady inquiry under 3 thousand liras,

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