Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 107 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 107 In Urdu Subtitles

Get ready for big battles and smart ideas in Episode 107 of Kurulus Osman, where Osman Bey faces huge problems made by Isihan Sultan.

Recap Episode 106

In the Previous Episode:

Osman Bey’s main place and plans to take over Kopruzhisar end up in the hands of Sultan Isihan. This leads them into a fight they can’t avoid. The situation gets worse as Isihan Sultan decides to make Osman’s life very difficult. Bala Hatun lives through the attack on their main base, but Osman feels more and more alone.

What You See in Episode 107 Guide:

Isihan Sultan’s Vendetta: Osman Bey’s hidden plans are shown to Isihan Sultan, which starts a strong fight. Isihan Sultan, wanting to make a “big hell” like Osman guessed, uses killer tricks through Olof. This forces Osman to push his limits hard.

Bala Hatun’s Survival Story: Bala Hatun, together with their mates and Alps, made it through the attack from Olof and Frigg. When Bala Hatun had a hard time, Osman’s feelings become important as he deals with what happens after the attack.

Konur Alp’s Unexpected Role: Osman Bey blames Konur Alp for the attack, causing surprising responses. Queen Sultan, wanting to get Turgut Bey on her side, picks Konur Alp as a target. Will Osman Bey feel more alone as friendships change?

Trap Via Aktemur: Aktemur’s kidnap scares the house, making Osman look for him. Isihan Sultan wants to attack Osman in a surprising place. Will the Sultan’s complex plan work and how will Osman react?
Osman’s Confrontation with Isihan Sultan:
Osman Bey, who is surrounded by Isihan Sultan on all sides, faces dangerous traps and changing loyalties. Isihan Sultan wants to separate Osman and take his kingdom and things. How will Osman handle this dangerous situation and win over Bridhisar?

Inegol Confrontation with Turgut Bey: Osman set fire to the boats, and Turgut promised to capture Inegol from him. The two start having a big fight. Will Osman Bey take back Inegol and face Turgut Bey in a fight that may decide their futures?

Viewing Experience

Availability: Episode 107 with Urdu subtitles can be played on channels like Mubitv. This helps people from all over the world see the exciting story of Kurulus Osman.

Quality: Get very high quality production, with exciting camera work and powerful acting that keeps the show’s name for greatness.


Kurulus Osman Episode 107 promises a lot of feelings, smart plans and big fights. When Osman Bey has trouble from everywhere, the audience will enjoy an exciting part and can’t wait for what comes next.

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