Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 26 With Urdu Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 26 With Urdu Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 26 With Urdu Subtitles You showed it and I shot it. Hey days hey. He didn’t wait for you to hit the first time you tried it, sir. Honestly, I have not heard of the person who made this, mashallah. How proud the late Ertuğrul Gazi is with you, my lord. Won’t you be proud, my Gonca? When my master is also a son, he will be proud, too. Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 26 With Urdu Subtitles then you seem to miss it too. Well, let’s go hunting. Let’s go now, let’s go tomorrow.

Let’s go tomorrow. Let me put the sherbet from the inside.

Let me help you too, my Bala. I do not know where the words will go. My Bala, don’t you mind Boran alpine flaw. He couldn’t imagine his intention was not bad. Sorry, my Gonca. Boran alp did not say anything wrong. Every father is proud of his child. Osman can not be a father. I paid tax to Togay. What did Togay say? He is so sure of himself that he thinks he is the only ruler of Bithynia.

Is it just Bithynia What else can be expected from

the hunting dog of Geyhatu, who thinks he is the ruler of the whole world? After his visit to Konya, he said that Osman was also subject to the Mongols. So it is. Osman must have persuaded the sultan. The Sultan is also the Mongolian governor. The problem of the sultan is to protect his throne. Geyhatu is like a bankrupt merchant. Both need gold to protect their throne.

Neither Osman nor anyone else even cares about it.

They have only one problem, gold. Are we going to pay them taxes until our marrow exploits our bones? How long will this last like this, Nikola? If there is peace between Togay and Osman, our duty is to break that peace. Isn’t it to set the two against each other, Yason? How will you do this? Umur sir. We will once again hope for help from a coward who cannot even come to the trap we set. Is that so? Osman must have prevented it.

But this does not end the hatred of Umur and Togay in him.

As I care about you with greed, sooner or later it will fall into my palms. How will you get between Togay and Osman? Umur is under the auspices of Osman, whether he accepts it or not. How much longer do you think a gentleman, who is fond of his honor and ambition, can bear Osman? A question for you, Yason. What happens if Umur attacks Togay? Since he is subject to Umur Osman, Osman will be responsible for this attack. Well done. Well Who will Togay ask to account for this? Osmana’aa To Osman. The peace that comes with gold will be spoiled by blood.

This time, even Mongolian puppet sultan Mesut

will not be able to save Osman. Bring me some wine. Now I will be patient, patient and wait. I will wait for Umur to tuck his tail and come to my feet. You go back to your castle and wait for my command. When my master is also a son, he will be proud, too. Sir. Why do you grieve? If you don’t have a son, I am the reason.

If you don’t have an heir to be proud of, it’s because

your chick couldn’t give. While talking about your father Ertuğrul Gazi, I saw how his eyes laughed. Being a father is your right, even your duty, to leave an heir to our father. I remember my father’s will. It is also in the square that the time has come. Joyful.

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