Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 in Urdu Subtitles

Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 in Urdu Subtitles

Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 in Urdu Subtitles I have important information, brother. Say it. When I was in Ulucahisar, I got information from a merchant from Constantinople. Kalonoz’s brother, whom you killed, is moving towards İnegöl with many men. They arrive at the castle tomorrow night. So we don’t have time. It is necessary to act as soon as possible, Mr. Bamsi. Obviously,Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 in Urdu Subtitles  Nikola was in trouble for his life. He realized that İnegöl was going to fall. Gentlemen, this news is important. Before the conquest of İnegöl becomes even more difficult, we have to go to the battlefield as soon as possible. It’s in your hands, Osman Bey. It is enough to say to walk.

First of all, we arrive at the gas square before our sweat cools.

Before the calosses and his soldiers come to the castle, we will turn them. Let Oba gentlemen also inform you. Let them come with a few alps. If they will not be crowded, Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 in Urdu Subtitles we will tell you what, Mr. Osman? They taste the victory and participate in the reward of the war. Let them get used to gassing together, take a share of the spoils and warm up to our idea of ​​unity. Brother and I want the alps ready at sunrise. You don’t worry. We deliver news to all of them one by one and bring them to the battlefield. Thank you. The conquest of İnegöl passes through cutting this aid.

Let’s shoot the pan well. Let’s break it as much as

we can. Sir, do you think Osman trusted us and attacked Camuha? A wolf goes on its prey, even if it’s dangerous. Even though Osman could not see Togay in the raid, he reaped Camuha and his men. Who knows, maybe the two even killed each other. Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 in Urdu Subtitles What if Camuha is alive. Togay will surely learn that you are behind this business. According to what Camuha said, the Mongols wanted to collect taxes for the new Yarhisar landlord through the Seljuks. It will put pressure. Mongols, Mongols. All they care about is tax. Otherwise, neither Seljuk nor Byzantine cares.

Calosse will be here tomorrow. I will have

the honor of killing not only Söğüt, but also Togay. Kalonoz is flying flying to avenge his brother, who killed Osman. Those who seek revenge become rebellious. I will direct Kalonoz’s anger towards my victory. I was waiting for you to come, Sir Dündar. Won’t you tell me what happened? For a long time, the noises had not been heard. Now they call me. Solomon? Both Osman and the pope’s dogs think they are using me. However, I used them.

This job has taken too long, Sir Dündar.

It is not good to extend that much. Gotta cut it out, chick! It is necessary to be ruthless and cut the head of the person between me and the principality. I know you are afraid, you are afraid, and you are right. Judgment Day is near. For this reason, I will also take Togay in my palms. Do not forget what happened with Balgay. Oh, what have I got to lose but my head, chick? I would like you to go to Kastamonu too. Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 in Urdu Subtitles Do not be behind my eyes on Judgment Day. If we are going to die, we will die together, Sir Dündar. Next to you and straight. How will you find Togay? After Osman’s attack, he will find me.

Tradesmen are anxious. Is the purpose of the dervish

different for the purpose of the tradesman, Kumral Abdal? The problem of both is to buy and sell, my Shaykh. We understood the tradesmen, but what is the dervish buying and selling? They sell their souls and ask for the consent of God, my dear. See, my Akça dervishes also trade. The aim of both shopkeepers and dervishes is peace. Is there any deck, my dear? Serenity. Come in, my daughter. If peace has arrived, let’s leave your peace, my dear. My Bala, my dear. The light of my eyes, let him sit, let him sit. My father. My Lord has mercy and created an opportunity.

So I ran and came to the slope. Be grateful to the Lord,

the Most Merciful and Merciful. Tell me, what would you say? I’m busy with Oban’s work, my dear. Osman Bey is on the gas again. Toya demands a price from the attackers. Well, veterans also do business, my daughter. They die and die by the permission of God. When you take the veteran, when you give it, they become martyrs. Let him say my Bala, what’s the main issue? Şeyhim, Osman Bey’s only concern is not the scale. Friends they know both cause trouble and complain. Umur Bey is a valiant Turkmen man who swung his sword to the Mongolian pagan during his lifetime.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 60

Osman Bey, the plain sword at those ends,

the veterans serdar who tried to spread the religion of Allah, Turkmen bey. But Umur Bey and his daughter Malhun is a girl. The Muslim Mongolian was in trouble of survival among the Greeks. Also, he is not in a position to lift the separation and animosity of the gentlemen. This situation cannot continue like this. Stop! Archer unit hold the opposite hill. We got closer to the lands of the Turks. Osman had set a trap for the last time. We will be cautious. Archers! Calosse! You came for revenge, here I am! Osman! Damn it! Archers! Horse! Archers! Horse! Horse! Alps. Hungry! Protect Mr. Osman! Come on! Alps! Good God …. Calosse! If you won’t talk. Brother, Mr. Bamsi. Fifty of his soldiers managed to escape, sir.

They can’t escape anywhere, brother.

Are we going after them? The Mongols will kill them before they reach the castle. Spirits want blood! Do not be sorry for our dead sentries, for Togay, kill them all! There is no way for those who escaped! It means the Mongols. Wow wow wow wow wow. They learned that Nikola had informed me of their hiding place. We had killed most of his guards. They too want revenge on Nikola. So didn’t we send the guardians to hell? So they sent word to my brother using a merchant from Constantinople. It was not we who set the trap on Calonoz. They were Mongols. Let’s see if they grapple with each other.

As the jackals grapple, the lion comes out.

Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 in Urdu Subtitles They will both serve us on that road of discord. Until I ripped out his lungs. You bring the loot to the gentlemen. Each one will get what is right. Thank you. So Kalonoz’s soldier was devastated. Despite being ambushed, he gathered his ferocious commanding soldier and threw his life into the forest. He saved himself from a possible death, even though he had quite a loss.

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