Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitles

Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitles

Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitles Do I need to remind you who put you on the throne you occupied? Of course, Osman Bey made a big mistake. While I am surrounded by my enemies and principalities ready to revolt against me, I cannot tolerate a new revolt at the edge of the army. Of course, my duty is to punish Osman Bey with my own hands. How will you do this Sultan Mesut? Are you going to send the Seljuk army on it? An army is too much, too costly for an oba brain. I’m sure you don’t like spending Geyhatu’s tax.

Then I will call Osman to Konya Don’t you think

understand your intention? No, if I call him with good manners. What do you think? I will invite Mr Osman with gifts that will dazzle his eyes. And then? As the Sultan, it will be up to me to punish him. I have you prepared a lavish feast. Pheasant will be the crown of our table. It is cooked with bay leaves just as you like it and flavoured with ripe red plums. Let’s talk about what to do with Osman on the way. The news came from Dimos, my spy in Kayi. Osman threw the ambassador out of his tent. Today also took all his anger out of the messenger. Osman,

have I ever been surprised at this? Nikola,

we had an agreement with Today. He said he would take the refugees from Osman. In return, I was going to pay him taxes. So? If I didn’t pay the tax, he would attack the pen. What will happen now? I can never trust Today anymore. But you can trust me, Jason. Today will not attack you because we will attack Today. How does this happen? Today is much stronger with his new arrivals, you know that too, Nikola. Right now, Today’s all anger is on Osman. We’ll let them cut each other, Jason. Then we will sit in our corner and watch it with pleasure, Jason. Whoever stands last standing,

we will deliver the last blow The Neighbors are ready,

we are ready to fight Black Shaman Today, we are ready to fight Black Shaman. At night the moon will return to the womb where it was born. With the power of darkness, Kayi basis will be burned down and destroyed. I want Osman alive, he is my black oath. Our bloody raid will wait Camo. Osman will wait for forty beautiful Kayı virgins to be sacrificed in order to die. Why don’t we burn down the Kayı basis?

Governor Geyhatu’s whipping boy agreed with the sultan.

He will give Osman’s punishment. You swore black on behalf of Genghis Khan’s holy lineage. Today my blood will silence the anger of the spirits. Now go and bring your bloodthirsty veterans, taxpayers’ taxes. Close all villages if necessary. Yarhisar takfuru, what will happen to Yason? Leave it to me. You go. My dear friend Essalam. And my dear Osman Bey. Good luck with. Thanks. It will be ready soon, Mr Osman. Do not abstain from the effort, my dear.

Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi Episode 2 With Urdu Subtitles

the devil will haunt those who do not try.

Effort cleanses the soul, remembers the sustenance who pursues sustenance. Everything reminds the day of the account for those who know how to see it, Mr Osman. Effort means both Osman Bey, effort and ahi means effort. The covenant of the Mongolian and the short-lived covenant, which could not receive the tax, meant his life. Our soul is in the might of our almighty Lord, and no one can take our lives without his trace. It is true, Osman Bey, but it takes effort for the kefere. Our efforts are increasing and our fire is burning.

All around, our alps are waiting for the task, my dear.

Hello, my dear. And my dear friend. Hello, my dear. Sir. The emir of Sultan Mesut, Aslan, was coming to our obama from Konya. The ambassador’s tail pain obviously reached Konya as well. Göktuğ, since the order will be in our office in the evening, then he will prepare a great table. Your command is over my head, lord. What do you say, my dear?

Why did the Sultan feel the need to send his order?

Is it because of the tax issue or the ambassador issue? Both of them can be Osman Bey, but Sultan Mesut is subject to Mongolian, his hands are tied. His hands are tied! Otherwise, where will this Mongolian kefere find the courage to come to these serhat lands and demand tax from us? Hope is in us, Mr Osman, whoever has effort has hope. You say right,

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