Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 110 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 110 In Urdu Subtitles

Get ready for an exciting story when Kurulus Osman deals with a big problem because Sultan Alaeddin wants him dead. In Episode 110, expect lots of action and smart moves.

Recap Episode 109

In the Previous Episode:

Osman Bey was up against a difficult situation in Inegol. He had to face Turgut Bey, Kantakouzenos and Isihan Sultan there. In the midst of negotiations, Osman decided to put Sultan Mesut on the throne. This led him into unexpected risks.

What You Will Watch in Episode 110

Osman’s Mobilization Against Death Edict: The group orders a death sentence for Sultan Alaeddin and Osman Bey. As Osman faces this imminent threat, the question arises: How will Osman fight against this order and what plans or moves will he use?

Osman’s Plan Against Isihan Sultan: Osman Bey learns important details from Sultan Mesud, finding out the secret in Isihan Sultan. Osman gave Bala Hatun a job to get the seal. He wants to stop Isihan Sultan with it. Can Bala Hatun win, and will Osman’s plan stop Isihan Sultan?

Saving Sultan Mesud: Sultan Alaeddin orders the death of Osman Bey and Sultan Mesud. Vezir Saveli hires Samagar to do the job, causing serious damage on Sultan Mesud. The pressing question remains: Can Sultan Mesud be saved from the coming danger?

Reclaiming Lost Fortresses: Osman Bey doesn’t want to leave the abandoned forts in enemy hands. How will Osman take back these lands and what big plan does he make? The happening events are a problem for both Osman and the Sultan.

Isihan Sultan vs. Malhun Hatun: Isihan Sultan keeps on playing his game in Yenisehir, making famine happen. At the same time, Malhun Hatun starts doing things on her own to stop Isihan Sultan’s plans. Will Malhun Hatun be able to stop Isihan Sultan?

Viewing Experience

Availability: Episode 110 with Urdu subtitles is available on platforms like Mubitv for everyone in the world to enjoy Kurulus Osman’s story.

Quality: Expect great production quality, with amazing camera work and powerful acting that keeps the series’ name strong.


Episode 110 of Kurulus Osman promises a thrilling experience with Osman’s army against the killing order and smart plans for Isihan Sultan. As the story gets worse, fans can expect a really exciting part that changes how Osman Bey’s adventure goes.

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