Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 120 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 120 In Urdu Subtitles

In the riveting saga of Kurulus Osman Season 4, Episode 120 brings forth a tale of revenge, cunning strategies, and unexpected arrivals. Nayman’s thirst for vengeance sets the stage for intense confrontations.

Recap Episode 119

In the Previous Episode:

Nayman, fueled by vengeance, orchestrates a plan against Osman Bey. As he brings Orhan Bey into his dangerous game, Yenisehir faces unprecedented threats. Meanwhile, Osman Bey crafts a trap, initiating a fierce conflict between the two.

What You Will See in Episode 120

Nayman’s Revenge Plot: With a burning desire for retaliation, Nayman employs deceptive tactics, drawing Orhan Bey into a perilous situation. Explore the dangers that await Orhan Bey as Nayman seeks vengeance for the perceived game played by Osman.

Osman Bey’s Trap Strategy: Determined to bury Nayman in Yenisehir, Osman Bey orchestrates a cunning trap. Ready to face all dangers, Osman unveils his strategic prowess. Witness the clash of wits between Osman Bey and Nayman, and unravel the outcomes of their conflict.

Race for the Seal: Osman Bey’s objective is to swiftly locate the seal, a symbol of power. As Nayman recognizes the significance of the seal, a race ensues. Mr. Bey enters the fray, and Turgut Bey pursues Mr. Bey. The question looms: Who will be the first to reach the seal?

Bengi Hatun’s Decision: Bengi Hatun declares her intention to seat Aktemur at the head of the plain, sparking tensions. Malhun Hatun and Bala Hatun express their concerns, while Ayse Hatun worries about her son’s future. Witness the repercussions of Bengi Hatun’s decision and the true motives behind it.

Black Midwife’s Arrival: Surprising everyone, Ulgen Hatun’s mother, Black Midwife Feristah, arrives in Yenisehir. An unpleasant encounter with Cerkutay unfolds upon their arrival. Delve into the mysteries surrounding Black Midwife and her impact on Yenisehir.

Viewing Experience

Availability: Episode 120 with Urdu subtitles will be accessible on platforms like Mubitv, ensuring a global audience can engage with the evolving narrative of Kurulus Osman.

Quality: Expect Episode 120 to uphold the exceptional production standards of the series, offering remarkable cinematography and compelling performances for an immersive viewing experience.


Kurulus Osman Episode 120 guarantees a rollercoaster of emotions, strategic maneuvers, and the introduction of intriguing characters. Join Osman Bey as he faces Nayman’s revenge and navigates the complexities of Yenisehir.

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