Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 124 In Urdu Subtitle

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 124 In Urdu Subtitle

As Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 124 unfolds, the landscape of power at the Ends undergoes a seismic shift. Nayman’s calculated move to strike a deal with Bursa Tekfuru against Osman Bey creates a high-stakes scenario. Osman Bey, acutely aware of the impending danger, grapples with devising a strategy to thwart this unholy alliance. The episode promises gripping confrontations, intricate political maneuvers, and a relentless pursuit of survival.

Recap Episode 123

In the Previous Episode:

The aftermath of Nayman’s violent raid reverberates through Osman Bey’s camp. Bala Hatun’s grave injury fuels Osman’s determination for vengeance. Turgut Bey falls into the hands of the enemy, escalating the tension. Osman Bey’s unprecedented plan to counter Nayman takes shape.

What You Will See in Episode 124

Nayman’s Deal with Bursa Tekfuru: The balance of power shifts as Nayman seeks an alliance with Bursa Tekfuru against Osman Bey. The intricacies of Nayman’s move to strike a deal with the Tekfuru pose a direct threat to Osman’s existence. What are the terms of this ominous agreement?

Osman Bey’s Countermove: Osman Bey, recognizing the danger posed by Nayman and Bursa Tekfuru joining forces, strategizes to prevent the unholy alliance. How will Osman Bey navigate this perilous situation, and what new moves will he deploy to ensure the safety of his people?

Sheikh Edebali in Nayman’s Crosshairs: As Osman Bey confronts Bursa Tekfuru, Nayman, driven by madness, targets Sheikh Edebali to harm Osman Bey. Can Sheikh Edebali be saved from Nayman’s vengeful hands, and what role will this play in the unfolding conflict?

Isimikhan Sultan and Nayman’s Cooperation: The alliance between Isihan Sultan and Nayman persists without faltering. From within, Isihan Sultan and Nayman aim to dismantle Osman Bey’s strength. What strategic plan does Isihan Sultan have in place to ensure the success of their collaboration?

Isimihan Sultan’s Fate and Malhun Hatun’s Dagger: Isihan Sultan faces imminent danger, and Malhun Hatun, armed with a dagger, waits for her chance. Will Isihan Sultan meet her demise, and what awaits Malhun Hatun in the wake of these events?

Sultan Mesud Allies with Osman Bey: Osman Bey finds support in Sultan Mesud, forming a crucial alliance against the impending threats from Isihan Sultan and Nayman. What grand plan does Osman Bey have in mind, and how will this alliance shape the fate of the Ends?

Osman Bey’s Target City and Cerkutay’s Infiltration: Osman Bey, aware of Nayman’s ambitions, deploys Cerkutay to disrupt Nayman’s power. Disguised as Neker, Cerkutay infiltrates the enemy camp. The construction of catapults by Nayman raises the stakes, indicating a potential target on Yenisehir.

Viewing Experience

Availability: Episode 124 with Urdu subtitles can be seen on Mubitv and other places. This lets people all over the world watch Kurulus Osman’s story unfold.


Episode 124 of Kurulus Osman will have an exciting story. It includes lots of political tricks, big fights and the never-ending chase to stay alive. As Nayman’s plans progress, Osman Bey encounters exceptional obstacles that will challenge his leadership like never before.

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