Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles


In Kurulus Osman Season episode 104 with urdu subtitles makes the action more intense. After the big things that happened in Episode 103, Osman Bey and the Alps now have more important tasks than before. Their game is harder as ever for them to play at their best strength!

Recap Episode 103

In the previous episode

  • Olof and Kantakouzenos make a dangerous plan to catch Osman, the Alps. They want them in their mine using force if necessary.
  • Osman Bey not being there makes the bad guys feel sure they can catch someone in their hideout. They don’t think anyone could escape from the cave hidden deep within mountains called Alps.
  • Without Osman Bey, Orhan Bey takes over as a replacement. This leaves the oba guys very surprised.
  • Malhun Hatun tells Orhan Bey to be careful. The divan is set up in Yenisehir.

What You Will See in Episode 104:

Osman Bey and the Alps are in big trouble because Olof and Kantakouzenos think they can win. problems arise as these men believe success is within their reach, without a doubt.

  • Orhan Bey is part of the divan, and his arrival brings unexpected changes to power.
  • In hiding, Osman Bey plans to win over Marmaracik. He catches Olof and Kantakouzenos unexpectedly with his surprise attack.
  • This event says we will see surprises and changes as Osman Bey faces problems to win the big prize.
    Viewing Experience:

Episode 104, with Urdu subtitles. This makes it easier to watch and enjoy the show even if English is not your main language! Platforms like Mubitv make sure that everyone in the world can watch dramas as they happen. The story in the show keeps up with its top-notch production, giving very good camera work and strong acting.


Osman Foundation Season 4 Episode 104 in Urdu Subtitles gives a thrilling mix of danger, thought and surprising turns. When Osman Bey meets dangerous dilemmas, the audience gets thrilling action and people changing. The story of Osman Bey goes on growing and giving a lasting stamp to the start of the Ottoman Empire. Watch out for release on 05 November 2022 through many surprising twists and turns. It will show complexities of power, friendship, and staying alive.

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