Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 125 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 125 In Urdu Subtitles

In the next part of Kurulus Osman, it’s getting more important as Osman Bey deals with difficult problems and secret plans. With Malhun Hatun locked up and Isihan Sultan making plans, Osman Bey needs to go through a dangerous journey. He wants to keep his people safe from harm’s way.

Recap Episode 124

In the Previous Episode:

Malhun Hatun’s arrest for killing Isihan Sultan starts a series of events. Isihan Sultan tries to use Bengi Hatun as a fake helper, while Osman Bey keeps trying hardly to save Malhun Hatun from bad luck coming soon. At the same time, Valens from Bursa makes a plan to stop Osman Bey’s goals.

What You Will Witness in Episode 125

Malhun Hatun in the Building: Right now, Malhun Hatun is in jail. Isihan Sultan wants to find someone who can speak for her good side when she goes to court. Can Sultan make Bengi Hatun help him, and what will Osman Bey do to save Malhun Hatun? A planned attack on Willow is coming, but difficulties are waiting.

Bengi Hatun’s Decision: The future of Malhun Hatun depends on Bengi Hatun’s choice. Bala Hatun tries to get Bengi Hatun to tell the truth. Alcicek’s life is very important and on the line. Osman Bey thinks about a bold action if Bengi Hatun doesn’t speak up. Can Osman Bey rescue Malhun Hatun?

Tekfur Valens’ New Plan: Knowing Osman Bey wants to put Sultan Mesud on the throne, Valens Tekfur of Bursa makes a plan. He will stop Konya growing stronger. What steps will Valens Tekfur take to stop Osman Bey’s political goals?

Isihan Sultan’s Trap for Osman Bey: Isihan Sultan sets up a strong trap for Osman Bey, getting the biggest group of bodyguards from Al-I Selcuk. As Osman Bey navigates through this intricate trap, the question remains: Will Osman manage to get out of the upcoming danger?

Viewing Experience

Availability: In episode 125 with Urdu subtitles, available on platforms like Mubitv. This will make sure that people all over the world can see how Kurulus Osman’s story goes forward.


Kurulus Osman Episode 125 has many feelings, political secrets and tactics. People in the story are at a turning point and their friendships get tested. You can expect an exciting story that looks more into how power, loyalty and living work when things are complicated.

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